In an ultrasonic home cleaning, acoustic waves are generated by ultrasonic pellets placed around the edge and the bottom of a tank containing water generally containing cleaning liquid. The high frequency vibrations generated by these pellets produce millions of micro-bubbles almost invisible to browsers URL  the naked eye and which generate continuous eddies in the bath and which by imploding take off all dirt and impurities.


The water penetrating in all the interstices, even the smallest, will restore you radiant parts of cleanliness and free of all dirt and impurities going even to remove the oxidation.

All surfaces in contact with the cleaning liquid will therefore be treated even in the most unexpected places.


  • The submerged parts come out extremely clean after 3 to 15 minutes depending on the objects and treatments.

  • Even the smallest folds inaccessible with a paintbrush or brush come out just as clean.

  • Does not alter the home cleaning parts, no scratches or wear.

  • The silver surfaces recover their original shine.

  • Ecological method using no solvent or toxic product.

  • During cleaning, the parts being submerged, the operator can perform other tasks.

There are countless applications for ultrasonic cleaners, here are a few:


  • Dentistry (instruments, prostheses, devices).

  • Optics (glasses, frames, lenses).

  • Watchmaking, jewelry (mechanisms, necklaces, bracelets, rings).

  • Numismatics (collector's coins, medals).

  • Electronics (printed circuit boards, components).

  • Armory (all mechanisms, strikers, sockets).

  • Mechanical (carburetors, injectors, any mechanical part that can be submerged).

  • Household (silverware, decorative items).

  • Choosing the right ultrasonic cleaner for your needs will essentially depend on the size of the objects you want to clean, don't underestimate its volume.

  • The effectiveness of the cleaning bath being increased by the addition of heating, opt instead for a model with integrated heating if you need to use it frequently

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